Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Habits

There is a point where we will need to teach our children how to brush their teeth and how to maintain their mouth.  If you are someone interested in pediatric dentist hawthorne or how to care for your children’s teeth, then here are some tips for you.

Start Early

You want to start early teaching your children about food.  You want to talk to them about what foods are good for them to eat and what foods are bad for them to eat.  When your child eats a piece of fruit you can explain that it is making them big and strong.  When they eat a piece of candy you can tell them that it is sweet but that it could ruin your teeth.  So, what they would do is chase away the sugar monsters with their toothbrush.

Make it fun

When dealing with children the tasks that you do have to be fun.  You need to pique their interest and make them want to engage in the activities.  If your children lose interest or if they don’t see the logic in their minds then they won’t put forth the effort and then they will start to have bad teeth.

Make it a family activity

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Children will also do tasks because they see others in the family do them.  At the end of the night when you all get ready for bed you should start a brushing routine that has everyone brush their teeth as a family.  This will allow your younger children to feel as if they are doing big kid tasks as well as learning proper brushing habits at a young age.

When the family does things together it will help to bring them together as well.  So, to help your children down the path to proper oral care, start early, make it fun and have the whole family join in.